Being affiliated with a professional trade association brings credibility to the marketplace and shows to the local sales force your commitment as a Supplier.


  • By supporting CASA as a supplier, you become a Preferred Vendor in our Association through the program "We support those who supports us". We strongly enforce to our distributor membership to first quote/contact/negotiate their orders through those suppliers that invest in our Association and market, either by been a supplier member and/or visiting Puerto Rico for our Annual Trade Show or our exclusive supplier sponsorship of Lunch and Learns. As a CASA member you get:
    • Listing in our printed Exclusive Directory called:  Puerto Rico Preferred Vendors
    • Recognition in our magazine & newsletter as Preferred Vendor. Remember that in sales, it is "out of sight, out of mind".
  • If you are based in Puerto Rico, you will enjoy all distributors' benefits.
  • Right to participate in our Regional Programs:
    • Be an exhibitor at CASA's annual Tropical Show – the largest trade show of promotional products in the Caribbean region.  Our Tropical Show translates into hundreds of dollars in savings since you do not have to travel to see individual distributors. We bring the distributors to you!
    • We facilitate the largest End Buyer Show during our Annual Show
    • Host a Lunch and Learn-a program to help our members network. If visiting our Island on your own, we can make an exclusive event just for you, and help out with hotel location, rates, discounted rates for transportation of material, etc. We’re here to help you increase your market share and will happily help to make the best experience possible when bringing your business to us.
  • Sponsorship opportunities through the year:
    • Annual Show
    • Edu-Day
    • Lunch and Learns
    • Social Events
  • Networking and building relationships with other industry professionals
  • Advertise with us!
    • Magazine Ads
    • Website Advertising Opportunities
    • Posts on Facebook and Instagram
    • Email marketing campaigns free of charge per your request. Quarterly (4 a year). Artwork must be provided a month earlier.
  • Data Access
    • Access to our Distributor members contact information (request updated distributor Member Lists on demand)
    • Members that were exhibitors in our Tropical Show can request a list of the attendees contact information (principals and salesperson)
  • FREE Education Opportunities & Submission of CEUs
  • Field Trips to experience the Island
  • Year End Recognition
  • Catalog in a box (when is established)
  • Recognition in all CASA events

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